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All of the products below can be found in our Etsy Shop. Please click button below to view our range of Wensleydale wool products.

If you want to visit us in person, to see our sheep and wool, please just ring us and make an appointment. We are always happy to meet with people who share our passion!


Our rugs look like a sheepskin rug but  none of our sheep are harmed in the process. We shear our flock in early June and the fleeces are labelled with the name of the sheep. We then start making each individual fleece into a beautiful rug using only soap and water. Our sheep are still grazing in our fields and growing another rug for next year.


These are all hand made form our hand dyed wool and come in a variety of styles and colours.


We have a fashionable range of knitted and fleece scarves for both ladies and men. Visit our Etsy store page for further details by following the link below.

Other Products

We also sell wool yarn and other products so please visit our Etsy store by clicking the button below!

Whilst we always endeavour to maintain adequate stocking levels all our products are hand crafted by us. There are times when certain lines may be out of stock while we produce more.